Pig Spinner Basketball Shooting Game

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The excitement of pig, with a twist. Grab a ball, head out (or in) to your favorite court, and challenge your friends to the most exciting version of PIG you'll ever play! Get the kids active again, and away from electronics with this classic childhood basketball game. Kids of all ages will enjoy shooting around as they try and outlast the spinner.

  • A fun basketball shooting game for all ages. Place the spinner down where you want to shoot, and spin the pig. Stand behind the spinner to shoot, and if you make the shot, the next player needs to also make it to avoid getting a letter. The last player standing wins!
  • Challenge your friends to this basketball shooting game, and enjoy hours of competitive shooting fun!
  • High quality materials, made to be used indoors or outdoors, and measures 17 1/2" x 16".
  • Great no-contact indoor and outdoor game for all basketball skill levels!
  • Perfect gift for kids and adults of all ages. Spin. Shoot. Score. Win!